Carly & the Reaperman

Carly and the Reaperman is a unique couch co-op experience in (and outside) VR. Master platforming to avoid dangers, solve puzzles and build your way through the Underworld in this cooperative multiplayer game. Play as either Carly in a classic platforming game or step into VR and control the Reaperman. Together you must find ways to cooperate to overcome the obstacles and inhabitants of the Underworld.

Carly & the Reaperman is the first game to be released by Odd Raven Studios and is available now for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR headsets.

Buy Carly and the Reaperman now on Steam or the Oculus Store.

About Us

We are a VR focused game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to create inclusive games that are fun beyond the novelty of the technology. We are currently working on our first own game and while doing that we have also created several smaller games for brands such as Mercedes and Björn Borg.

Our game beats

4 things we find being important when developing games.

  • Creative – Being creative in games is awesome

  • Social – VR does not need to be a one player experience

  • Characters, World & Story – We love!

  • Norms – Challenge them

And we love to help others

We are a rare breed that combines interactive design, tech wizardry and a deep understanding of the modern marketing landscape.

Our main focus is VR game development, but we also help brands, companies and agencies use VR as a communication and marketing tool. We do everything from educational workshops to full stack VR project implementation.

If you’re interested in a VR project or some sort of VR collaboration don’t hesitate to get in touch. Below are som examples of what we have done. 

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz wanted to activate their sponsorship of the Tennis ATP event Swedish Open and at the same time communicate their futuristic concept car. We made a high tech tennis experience in room scale VR set in the futuristic city of their mood videos.


The annual release of cows from their winter home in a barn to the grassy outdoor is a heart warming event. We helped the biggest dairy producer in Scandinavia bring it to a bigger audience by the use of mobile 360° VR.


A fully interactive VR experience, merging education and gaming while helping youngsters decide what education to choose.
A success used through out the season by Skolverket at various venues all over Sweden.

Björn Borg

We created a mobile VR Game that made Björn Borg stand out amongst other brands at trade shows in Scandinavia. We helped evolve the content marketing and the Brand Experience by using VR.

More coming soon...

Get in touch

Micke Cruseman : Game Design
Micke Cruseman Game Design
+46 722 564 675
Fredrik Frank : CCO
Fredrik Frank CCO
+46 760 545 675
Johan Högfeldt : CTO
Johan Högfeldt CTO
+46 708 483 766
Erik Thored : Developer
Erik Thored Developer
+46 707 607 671
Buddha Babulanam : Art Director
Buddha Babulanam Art Director
+46 736 619 675
Want to join us? : Contact
Want to join us? Contact
+46 708 483 766